The first step consists of the recuperation process of non-recyclable materials.

138 million tons of waste are produced each year in Spain from which more than 50% are non-recyclable representing 71 million tons of waste buried or burned each year only in Spain.

Thanks to partnerships with companies we are able to collect their waste and give them a second life.


Acting directly against the pollution of the environment by including and sensibilizating the whole society.



This second step consists of turning the collected waste into a clean material ready to be transformed.

Every waste collected need a cleaning process to be ready to get a new life. Thanks to our transformation process, realized by our industrial partner companies we can dispose new raw materials to create the object of your dreams.


The third step – giving a new life to these non-recyclable materials directly realized by Recraft with products available on our shop.

All the production is realized by a partner association that employs people with disabilities at local level, and also through workshops, where everyone can come and create their own products while acting for the environment.




Since the beginning, the notion of Inclusion is deeply integrated into the Recraft project.

We want the whole society to participate in this project and create a real impulse of solidarity.

Did you know that in Spain there are more than 3.8 million people with disabilities and only 26% have access to employment?

We decided to fully implement our value of Inclusion, by establishing production partnerships with associations that employ disabled people. By realizing our production in partnerships with those social associations, we will be able to promote employment and know-how on a local scale. As well as facilitating access to employment for people with disabilities.

It's time to sensibilize social and solidarity inclusions, as this problem concerns all of us.



We strive to rethink the current mode of production through a positive way in terms of the circular economy concept.

Everything can be recovered, reinvented and revalued.

Moreover, if we can create employment and value the local knowledge of our regions, then we might as well do it.

With Recraft, say goodbye to production at the other end of the world and say hello to local, sustainable production.

All the materials used for our products and our workshops come from local companies in Catalonia.

For example, advertising tarpaulins, bicycle wheels, polystyrene packaging, fishing nets and textiles of all kinds. These are tons of non-recyclable waste destined to create pollution, which can be transformed and revalorized into a new product with added value.

Each year in Spain there’s 71 million tons of non-recyclable waste that is buried or burned directly and highly polluting and destroying the environment.


We can't follow this way of consumption.

By collecting the waste coming from the companies of Catalonia we are able to create totally new products with higher value.

This process have two main benefits:

  • Reducing the non-recyclable waste by using it in daily life.

  • Avoid the purchase of totally new products destined to finish buried or burn.

We aim create a virtuous circular economy, allowing more responsible consumption and drastically reducing our ecological footprint.

We are notably proud of directly responding to 6 sustainable development goals present on the list of the United Nations that are needed to be achieved before 2030.


In the Recraft workshop you will find a place where you can give free rein to creativity while contributing to the environment!

Come to create your own products (belts, wallets, bags, etc.) with your own style and personalization.

We recuperate the materials thanks to local partner companies and allow you to give it a second life.

What do you choose: a belt, a wallet, a bag, accessories or something else?

You are totally free to use any kind of materials, choose any color and stylize it, thanks to a wide variety of choices.

Workshops from 5 to 10 persons can take place any time allowing everyone to find time in their schedule for relaxing and recrafting.

This playful workshop allows you to enjoy a moment of pleasure, meeting new people and re-discovering your inner child and while expressing your ideas and your creativity, you will act directly against global environmental issues.

The workshop will be directly held inside of Recraft premises by one of our teachers, represented by a craftsman, recognized artist or art teacher.

So if you are thinking of buying a new product online, we propose that you come and create the products of your dreams by participating in making the world a better place.

man in black crew neck t-shirt standing beside table
man in black crew neck t-shirt standing beside table



Local production - Solidary employment - From non-recyclable materials