Transform your business by adding environmental awarness

Are you a business located in Cataluña and want to prevent your non-recyclable waste from ending up in landfill and to reduce your environmental impact?

We offer the opportunity to become more sustainable for businesses of all sizes by impacting global pollution and reducing its non-recyclable waste.


We are looking for partnerships with all types of companies to start collecting non-recyclable waste and making our prototypes.

Types of partnership:

  1. Waste collection: we collect your non-recyclable materials and give it a second life.

    Waste that is usually destined to be burned or buried.

    Participate in a social and ecological approach by giving it to RECRAFT.

  1. Waste transformation: act for the environment and give a strong ecological level to your company by allowing us to transform this "new" raw material.

    Do you have industrial machinery that allows us to crush, flatten, clean different types of materials?

Features included for our partners:

Ecological certificate

Partnership site badge

Leave us your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities of our collaboration.

Your customers also believe that waste shouldn’t be in our forest and beach.

When it comes to brands with purpose, consumers are:


More likely to purchase

More likely to recommend

More likely to trust



Choose your partnership

Choose how your business can integrate environmental degree and support upcycling and solidary employment at local level.

red and gray metal frames
red and gray metal frames
man in black jacket and blue helmet sitting on black chair
man in black jacket and blue helmet sitting on black chair
man standing in front of group of men
man standing in front of group of men