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The story begins in a little village in the South of France. More precisely, in Drôme, the center of the province.

When I was younger I used to go to school everyday by bike. Year after year I saw my hometown changing and becoming more and more polluted.

The continuous enlargement of the surrounding dumps and the increasing presence of waste was and still is eating little by little our forests and the agricultural lands of my neighbors.

Seeing the place of my childhood getting erased little by little made me realize the importance and urgency of acting against environmental changes in order to preserve those places, parts of our hometowns and memory.

Among this pollution composed of objects and materials of all kind the big majority of which is in a very good shape and could still be used many years after:

polystyrene, advertising banners, construction tarp, balloon fabric, boat fabric, climbing ropes, nylon, etc...

But instead of re-using this materials, it's 71 millions tons that finish buried or burn highly impacting our environment and life quality.

After a long research on the possibilities of resolving this problem and how to have a significant impact on it

I decided to create ReCraft, a fun and interactive way to raise awareness around environmental issues, with creativity and solidarity.

Thanks to workshops where everybody can create his own products with non-recyclable materials (destined to pollute) and give it a second life.

Act for environment while taking pleasure and fun!

Landing in Barcelona in 2021 for my studies, I've realized that this problem is also greatly affecting the life of the Catalan population, deteriorating their environment and quality of life.

By walking in Collserola forest or by the coast is sufficient enough to see that we need to assist in this ecological disaster.

So we made a decision.

Our first target: Barcelona!


Theo Folcher

22 y.o.

Founder of the Recraft Barcelona.

"Seeing my hometown, the place of my childhood memories change into an open air dump. It made me say that we have to act, and now! I created Recraft, to propose concrete solutions to today's environmental and social problems."